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Cat Wellbeing – Keys In your Cat’s Wellbeing And Wellness

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If only pet cats could talk, then we would have a fair idea on what is ailing their lithe and svelte bodies. Unfortunately, all that a sick feline can ever manage is a purr, a shrill cry, or perhaps some odd behavior that is supposed to give you clues on the state of their health. Nevertheless, every dependable pet owner should be on the lookout for signs of feline diseases and be very concerned about matters relevant to cat health. Remember that the feline physiology is shaped to outlive the great wilderness despite our efforts to domesticate these creatures and adapt them to a sheltered way of life. Ignoring this fact proves to be detrimental to your cats healthin the long run, with the numbers revealing to us the rising incidence of feline obesity, malnutrition, and disease.

One of the emerging threats to cat health today is the all too familiar disease called Diabetes Mellitus that already inflicts a hundred thousand pet cats. Feline diabetes is closely associated with the high carbohydrate content of commercial pet food that has rendered many pet cats obese and susceptible to the metabolic disease. The extended use of veterinary medicines likewise contributes to feline diabetes, which triggers the impairment of insulin secretion functions.

Cat urinary tract infection is also a common feline disease attributed to poor cat nutrition. The typical cat feed being devoid of the essential nutrients available   貓腎臟保健  with rich animal protein sources becomes the precursor to feline malnutrition that leaves many pets sickly and vulnerable to recurring cat urinary tract infections and other diseases.

Should your cat be diagnosed with feline diabetes or a recurring bladder infection, a modest diet change that involves a shift from high carbohydrate meals to a feeding of mostly animal protein sources will surely work to benefit cat health and nutrition. Moreover, extending your pet treatment options to alternative medicine is a prudent approach to cat health care. Administering pet herbal supplement formulas to arrest the pathogens causing cat urinary tract infections and respiratory illnesses among others; activates a holistic form of treatment that will eventually provide a sustained healing to common feline diseases. Pet herbal supplement products will not bring about the usual side effects of nausea, vomiting, and sudden loss of appetite that is typical following the intake of veterinary drugs. Moreover, pet herbal supplement products are gut-friendly and do not operate to weaken your pets immune defenses despite extended use.


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