Vivo Y72 Walkie-Talkie – Know More About It

Vivo released its new mid-budget smartphone Vivo Y72 five days ago in India. Its key technical features and pricing imply that it will easily compete with the existing leaders in the smart phone space. However, the Indian version of Vivo Y72 is quite different from its global counterpart, which was launched in March last year.

The Vivo Y72 comes with a built-in email client, but unlike its global counterpart it lacks text messaging facility. It has a built-in browser with two large buttons on vivo y72 the sides – one for Google and one for eBay. Other features include VGA out port, dual tone flashlight, wifi, 3G connectivity and USB storage support.

The phone has a complete suite of Google tools and services. It comes with Gmail, Picasa, and all the other usual Google tools and services like Google Now, Chrome, and Android interface. However, the real star of the package is its fantastic front-facing eight mega-pixels camera. This vivo y 72 comes with OVI Photo Editor which allows you to edit any picture you like with its huge LCD display. There is a special feature called super night mode which enables the camera to take pictures in an amazing color quality even in total darkness, which may sound unbelievable, but true.

When we reviewed the rear camera of the yahoo! phone, we found that the resolution was very good and the image processing was fairly quick, but the lack of optical zoom made the resulting images not as pleasing as they could have been. In the case of the video y 72, however, this difficulty is solved with an upgrade to the vogue lens that allows you to take great pictures even in poor lighting conditions thanks to optical zoom.

The front-facing eight mega pixel camera is where the improvements come to the handset. While it does not boast of optical zoom, the result of that is superb image processing. With a click of a button, you can shoot a video, edit it, and then download it straight to your handset – which is one of the most convenient features on a smartphone today. If you do not want to use the built-in video player, you can connect it to your TV using HDMI cable. What’s more, the rear camera has a large, high definition screen that makes it easy for you to enjoy your videos or photographs to its fullest.

The Vivo Y 72 also offers an upgrade to its rear camera. While the primary unit has a primary lens with a separate LCD panel, the rear camera is fitted with an advanced image processing engine. With an advanced image processor and a larger, higher resolution LCD panel, the rear camera on the Y Series will surely give you better images than the iPhone 4S or the HTC Desire HD. As for the main optical zoom, it works just like the iPhone and Nokia phones, allowing you to get closer to the object with less blurring.

Like the iPhone and the others, the Vivo Y 72 also comes with iOS compatibility. This means that you can use your fingertips to browse the interface and do everything that iPhone users can. Although there are similarities between the iPhone and the handset, the difference lies mostly in the technology that drives it. The main camera is no bigger than the iPhone and the battery capacity is much higher, delivering impressive results wherever you go. To cap it all off, the connectivity options on the Vivo Y 72 are better than the iPhone and the others.

The software on this device is quite impressive, too. It runs on the Android operating system, which is similar to the iPhone. This gives it an edge over other devices in terms of user friendliness and convenience, especially if you are planning to take videos or photographs with the phone. Since it comes equipped with a high-definition camera, you will definitely appreciate the clarity of the images it captures. If you want to enjoy excellent images and videos, then the Vivo Y 72 is the perfect choice for you.