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Why You Must Go For Wood Doors

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Apart from being the most environment friendly material for construction of doors, wood is also completely renewable. No less than two billion trees that are replanted annually world over contribute to the renewable feature of wood. That is why many people choose wood doors rather than doors made of any other material. tafsir mimpi Environmentalists often warn about the extinction of the forests and its disastrous affect on the world as a whole. Their logic is that wood constructions invariably lead to tree felling and it upsets the natural ecological balance. The theorem has partially truth in it though it is not yet as intense as it is projected to be. For instance the forest lands in USA or Europe are far from being extinct.

In fact, a recent survey by the Forest Council of America revealed that almost two third of the area covered with forests more than six centuries ago are still covered with forests. On the other hand the forest growth was found to have exceeded the harvest by nearly 37%. This growth rate has been more than 25% during the last 50 years of civilization. In result United States has experienced no more than only 1% forest loss during the last 25 years. By no means the situation is as dismal as the environmentalists try to project them to be. Consequentially people continuing to prefer wood doors are doing nothing wrong. Even the 1% forest reduction is due to rapid urbanization and industrialization.


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